620 E. Main St. | West Lafayette, OH 43845


I was pleased to meet you during my visit to see my mother.

My interactions with Valerie, Ashleigh, and Mary - now face to face - continued to be most pleasant, helpful, and professional.

I had the joy of watching RN Cody, and NA Jeanie for several days. Having worked in the hospital and clinic world for decades, it always brings my heart joy to see a professional helping others with true compassion and competence. They were remarkable.


Lafayette Pointe feels like home to me now, and has for a while. It's always clean and well kept and helps make you feel like you're right at home. The therapy is always great, and the whole staff has always treated me very well. It's nice being in a place that is so close to my family so that they can come and see me every day and it's not hard on them. I've made a lot of friends both residents and staff since I have been here.


We have been so pleased with her care. The staff and residents on the memory care unit have made her feel very comfortable and welcome. Carla gets along very well with the other residents. Since she has been here, Carla has seemed very well adjusted and happy.


The Lafayette Pointe staff has given me the best care. They are very caring and very helpful. The therapy staff is just the best. I have never been in a rehab center before, so I didn't know what to expect. Everyone here has made me feel very comfortable. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful care.


My husband, Stephen was admitted to Lafayette Pointe for rehab after he was admitted to the hospital and was very weak and unable to take care of himself. It has been a very good experience because of the awesome staff! The facility is very clean and well maintained. All of my questions and concerns have been met with good and timely information. I would recommend this care center to anyone who would need rehab services!

Stephen's Wife

I have been in 3 facilities, Lafayette Pointe is by far the very best. The staff here is very loving and kind. All of my needs have been met in a swift manner. I have felt happy and free during my stay here. If I ever need to be in a facility again I will only come to Lafayette Pointe because they are the best. This place by far is a 5-star! I was at Lafayette for 2 months and felt like I could be me!


I have worked in West Lafayette for over 25 years. I whole heartedly mean this when I say that the care I received was exceptional! From top to bottom, the whole staff was top notch. I will definitely come back here if I need to, and I would without a doubt highly recommend your facility to anyone.

Mr. Wilson

I have just been so pleased with my stay here. I am 96 years old and have been in facilities like this before, but this one was just top-notch. The entire staff was most helpful, and the food was excellent! It's always good to go home, but I sure will miss everyone here. If I ever have to be in a facility because I can't manage at home anymore, I'll definitely be coming back here.

Mrs. Downer

This place is first class. The entire nursing and therapy staff are here are just wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone needing rehab. I was well cared for and can't thank you all enough for helping me be able to get back to my home.

Mrs. Barker

This facility was so nice. The whole staff was just so helpful. If there's a better place to get therapy, I can't imagine where that would be. I would recommend Lafayette Pointe to anyone. I have a close friend that will be needing a place like this soon, and I'd just love for him to come here, because I'm going to need a place like this someday too and I'll come here so we can be together.


I want to thank all who have been so kind, caring, and understanding during my stay here at Lafayette Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Including Dr. Shade, I have had the best of care. May you all be blessed by our Lord Jesus for your long days and nights. It will be bittersweet going home as I have gained so many good and kind friends. You all couldn't do anything better.
Remember, I love you all.
I want to thank the cook for all of the wonderful meals served daily. Many, many thank you's to all. I can never thank you enough for all of your comforting care.

Mary M.

Lafayette Pointe has a group of hardworking nurses and STNA's. We were able to get through a tough time together and now I am able to return home. The therapy department has helped me greatly while I've been at Lafayette Pointe. The staff has been excellent about keeping in communication with my family and helping my family get the services I will need at home set up for me. Even though my family hasn't been able to come into the building and visit me, we were able to do window visits and family was able to send me We Care Cards over the internet [through the website].
Thank you, Lafayette Pointe, for taking such good care of me.


I have never been in a nursing home as a resident before, but my husband has been in different ones.

Lafayette Pointe couldn't be better. I have been treated with kindness and respect. If I needed anything some one was right there. I would recommend this to anyone or their family, family or friends.


I have been at Lafayette Pointe for almost two weeks now and my overall experience has been good. There is a friendly staff that is willing to help you. I feel like I'm getting stronger from the therapy and I'm excited to get back home with my family. The meals have been good and they always offer you an alternate if there is something you rather not have. The housekeeping department has been doing a good job.

The other residents at Lafayette Pointe have been very welcoming to me also.

Thank you, Lafayette Pointe, for helping me improve so that I may get back home to my family and friends.


When I came to Lafayette Pointe I was very sick. I didn't realize how sick. During the two weeks I was here I received very good care. Everyone Listened to my needs and helped me to recovery.
Everyone seemed compassion and caring. It's good to know you don't have to drive miles away to get good care. You can receive care in your hometown.
I would recommend Lafayette Pointe to friends and family.
Thank you.


I have not had any bad experiences while I've been staying at Lafayette Pointe. The nurses and aides are wonderful. The fall festivities feast we had last week was fun and food was good. The housekeep staff is considerate and they do a very good job keeping my room and the facility clean.

I would recommend others to come stay here, the care is excellent.


My time here at Lafayette Pointe has been very good. When I came here I could not walk at all, now because of your world class therapy department I can walk with a cane... The care here is very good the people care so much that I have no compliments at all. The Nurses Aides make this feel like home each day and they really care about the residents.


After a very serious 4+ hour surgery and 2 weeks at Riverside Hospital (I'm very please with the care I got here.), I was going to be sent to rehab and the facility they chose was Lafayette Pointe. I have been here from November 10, to December 3rd. They made an excellent choice sending me here. I have been recovering bit by bit though I will take another month or two to get close to feeling like my old self. Everyone at Lafayette Pointe Has been caring, thoughtful, and kind which made me feel welcome. The Nurses have been thoughtful and considerate and took time to explain the things I had questions about.

It's obvious that the staff at Lafayette Point cares about the patients here. The wife of one of my best friends is knowledgeable about rehab facilities and she emphasized the high quality of care at Lafayette Pointe. I agree with her and should anyone I know require rehab, I will absolutely recommend Lafayette Pointe.


I honestly don't have anything bad to say. I had a really good stay. Therapy was intense but it strengthened me and made it possible for me to go home. I would recommend others to seek out your care if they need to stay at a nursing home. Lafayette Pointe treated me like I was royalty.


I feel a lot better than when I came in. Therapy has helped and I feel like I’m moving better and ready to go home. The nurses and aids have been helpful and are very nice. I will definitely come back if I ever need a skilled facility again and I’d recommend others to stay at Lafayette Pointe if they are in need of help.

P.S. The food was great!


I have gotten along great! When I first came to Lafayette Pointe I would fatigue quickly and was not able to tolerate much activity at all along with not being able to stand up on my own. Now I am able to walk, stand, exercise and tolerate more activity before I become fatigued.

I have enjoyed the therapy immensely, without the therapy staff I would never have gotten my strength back. I am greatly looking forward to returning home to my family and get back to normal living


My mom has spent close to 4 months out of the last 5 months at Lafeyette Pointe. We just got her home yesterday. I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for an exceptional experience both times she stayed. I won't mention any names because I will forget someone, but the personal treatment for mom from the staff has exceeded my expectations. I never drove away from a visit thinking, gosh this is terrible, what are we going to do. I have always felt that she is getting the best care possible. Thanks to everyone who touched her life and made it better. She was told "I love you, keep in touch" no less than three times as we left the site. There is no question if needed again, in the future, we will be seeking rehabilitation services from Lafeyette Pointe.

Bob R.

Thank you so much for arranging for my grandmother to be able to attend my wedding. It truly means the world that she was able to be there. We would like to give a special thanks to Melissa who transported her there. You are a blessing and have a servant's heart. Thank you so much for making the biggest day of our lives complete with grandma‘s attendance.

Marcus and LeAnn W.